Center for Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL)


CIRTL is the Center for Research, Teaching, and Learning Integration. It is a nationally recognized training group that helps you learn how to teach college-level students in STEM.

UMBC was pleased to join the national CIRTL Network in 2016, allowing our graduate students and postdocs to benefit from access to virtual workshops and courses (as well as UMBC-specific offerings and contributions to the network). Becoming part of the CIRTL Network has provided a common bond among our various initiatives to produce future faculty who understand education innovations and diversity initiatives.

Did you know?

CIRTL helps you learn how to teach college-level students in STEM while providing nationally-recognized certificates that demonstrate your experience in teaching.

Importantly, CIRTL events allow you to earn nationally recognized certificates demonstrating your commitment to and experience with evidence-based teaching. CIRTL is an integral part of our GSPD umbrella, our hub for graduate student and postdoctoral development.

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar interested in a faculty career, CIRTL might benefit you! Please see our CIRTL website and contact our CIRTL Director, Dr. Jamie Gurganus.

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