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PROMISE is the hub of professional development for all graduate students and postdocs at UMBC and is a part of a PROMISE network across the University System of Maryland. PROMISE provides a community of learning and support from when you arrive on campus to the proud day you depart for the next career stage.

In your time here, we hope you come to rely on PROMISE for seminars on preparing for a career as a faculty member, building teaching and public speaking skills, enhancing your writing and writing productivity, and learning to network to build a community of peers and mentors effectively. You can learn about the latest offerings and workshops from the PROMISE website and the PROMISE myUMBC page. We frequently partner with the Graduate Student Association and other organizations on campus.

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Flagship Events

Besides monthly workshops, some of the PROMISE’s flagship events include:

  • Dissertation House: A multi-day intensive writing workshop with one-on-one coaching to help you make significant progress on your proposal, thesis, or dissertation
  • The Annual PROMISE Research Symposium: An event that honors the work of underrepresented graduate scholars throughout the University System of Maryland
  • Fall Harvest Dinner: A community-building event that brings the whole PROMISE group together for a warm meal and sharing of stories.
  • Summer Success Institute (SSI): A professional development conference hosted by PROMISE program volunteers from across the University System of Maryland that serves as a platform to highlight researchers from underserved backgrounds and facilitates networking opportunities for current graduate students, postdocs, and early career faculty across the State to propel their careers.
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Fall Harvest Dinner

PROMISE has a long history not just here but through the University System of Maryland. PROMISE was initially developed as part of a state-wide alliance through an NSF Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) grant. For additional history on the 2003-2018 AGEP programming, visit PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP  website.

In 2018, PROMISE received new NSF AGEP funding to diversify postdoctoral scholars and transition them into tenure-track faculty positions. This effort is in alliance with four other University System of Maryland institutions. We are thrilled to offer a community, career support, skill building, and inspiration in this vital part of their academic journey. You can learn more about this new program at the AGEP PROMISE Academy Alliance website. You can register for events by going to my.umbc.edu/groups/promise.

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Champaining Diversity

The Graduate School at UMBC and PROMISE view diversity as a central part of our vision for creating the best, most effective academic community to push this country forward through outstanding teaching and excellent research, creative scholarship, fieldwork and contributions to society through professional work.

Explore how we champion and support diversity by connecting graduate students to: